Nadja Muller-den Blijker

Founder, MSc in Applied Geosciences, Business development, Project management, Certified Coach CPCC & ACC, Passion & Vision

Klaas Punselie

Co-founder, BSc in ICT online, Start-up mentor, ICT project manager, NLP coaching master practitioner , Passion & Focus on lean start up

Joost Bosschert

VR & 360 deg film developer, Meng in Telematics, Solutions architect, Photographer

Mark Allon

MA in Fine Arts, Game & App Developer, Specialized in Mobile and VR, VR passion: gaming and therapy

Janine Terlouw

Graphic Design & Concept, Dreamer, Perfectionist

Markus Geuken

It Consultant
3D Enthusiast

Pascal Serrarens

PhD in Computer Science, Solutions architect, VR engine developer, Focus in VR: Human characters

our DNA

First of all, we care. We want you to go from surviving to thriving.

We deliver powerful coaching and mental health interventions that have deep impact. Virtual realities are the gateways to clear and vibrant experiences. The immersive experiences aim at unlocking your full potential and living a life full of meaning and purpose. The cutting edge technology brings nature to people. People are at the center of it all. A human in its full authentic expression is pure beauty. We are centered on our customers, on their clients, on our team, people in general and nature – because we are part of nature.