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Thrive – your personal coach on the smartphone

What does it take to go from surviving to thriving? We need to feel safe inside us and the world.
When we feel safe, we can create, we can invent, we can try new things, we can take incredible risks.  We become positive.

Positive thoughts change the brain’s state chemically, electrically and magnetically.
Why is behaviour change so hard?
Because we need to get into that state often and repeatedly.
We need to lay new connections.
Our app will help you to thrive. Any moment of the day you can check-in on your phone and use the tools to shift into a positive state and practice a new behavior.
The app uses the latest the techniques for behavior change, including virtual reality interventions for powerful immersion.

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Rockstart – here we come!

SONOVR made into the #Rockstart accelerator program #digitalhealth! Out of 1000 Start-Ups 10 got selected. SONOVR is one of them!

Nadja Muller-den Blijker #femalefounder and Klaas Punselie #cofounder are in the business of positive behavior change. Going from surviving to thriving. The team is 7 people strong, together with Pascal Serrarens, Mark Allon, Joost Bosschert, Janine Terlouw, Markus Geuken and Lisa Lipkin.

Our plan for the coming 6 months is to get up to speed and add to our 3 prototypes a funded project with a launching customer. Our focus area is improving vitality at the workplace and prevention of burn-out. We want to partner with health care companies, media publishers in occupational health and HR departments of corporations.

We aim to deliver VR solutions that are cheaper and have deeper impact. We want people to step into meaning and purpose and flourish in life. Positive people make a #bettersociety.

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