Virtual reality in professional coaching

The most common reason that people choose to work with a professional coach is to achieve fulfilling goals. That’s the tip of the iceberg.

Why is coaching so effective?

What is lying beneath the water line is that professional coaches create a safe space in which we can fully express ourselves to achieve self-actualization. In this empowered relationship we feel safe so we can be courageous. When we feel safe, we can create, we can invent, we can try new things, we can take incredible risks. We can do almost anything. We can reach our full potential.

What excites me beyond words is the support of immersive virtual reality to coach the blossoming of the full potential.

In professional coaching we use frequently visualization techniques to help opening the mind to the potential. It is a powerful tool that helps you leap forward. From the visualization you start manifesting a new reality in which you live according to your dreams and values. You begin living a fulfilled life with meaning and purpose.

That is when the world sees positive thinking and self-actualization in action.

Creativity and imagination are linked to the right-brain hemisphere. However, our education system and society emphasizes the left-brain hemisphere, which provides focus and hosts inherent logic concepts. In the left-brain hemisphere the imaginative state is limited. Even stronger, the dominant left-brain hemisphere suppresses unconstrained imagination of the right-brain hemisphere. Check out Iain McGilchrist for more about this fascinating topic.

In professional coaching many people use the first time unconstrained and creative imagination to achieve their goals. At first the right-brain hemisphere has to get used to being more active and visualizations take longer to become effective.

It’s like a muscle that we haven’t used for a long time.

Initially the images are less vivid and the emotional response not as strong as it can be.

Imagine coaching visualizations assisted with immersive virtual reality, in which

our responses are immediate and primal.

We spot a spider scuttling towards us and we cringe. Floating in outer space we see our planet and are in awe. We sit at impossible heights of a 1000 m cliff and our stomach clamps tight. The experienced reality is intensified and our learning is immediate and palpable.

Imagine the goals that you could achieve with this jump-start of imagination. Imagine how much shorter it will take you to make the goals reality, because you have already experienced them.

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The VR Coaches, Nadja Muller-den Blijker and Dana-Maria Faneker