Transform behavior and thrive

Your personal coach, wherever you are.


Be guided through a journey to discover and live your deep held personal values.* You find out who these nifty inner critics are and how to engage with them.


Set yourself actions, make commitments and hold yourself accountable. That way you transform old habits and create new ones!

Buddy support

You can sign up a buddy to help you with your commitment. A friend, family member or colleague. Share your successes and learning points!

* Bonus: immerse yourself into your values with virtual reality (VR) on your smartphone.

Personalized checkins

Daily you are enticed to tap into your values. At the end of the day you assess your satisfaction and celebrate your successes and learning points.

Dream and brainstorm

Explore paths derived from proven coaching and therapeutic interventions to unlock your resourcefulness and creativity. 


Seeing your progress in positive behavior change over time is rewarding. You are empowered to make connections and recognize patterns. Without judgment and much self-compassion.

iThrive helps you to transform counterproductive habits and thrive.

How will it be to live every day with as much pleasure as possible?
To enjoy life, regardless of the circumstances?

How iThrive works

We do everything in our power to make behaviour change easy for you.

Practicing new behaviours daily and making that a habit is the key to successful behavior change. We are building the best support base for you to create daily habits. You receive notifications that aim to bring you in a positive state and tap into your intrinsic desire to change every day. You are supported by Jean, the iThrive coach

Second, you get the best evidence based life coaching. Starting with discovering your values you are guided through a coaching flow to make commitments. This is work in progress. Every few months you will see new releases with cool new features that support you to become the best you can be.

Third, you are seen, heard and understood for who you are. In the safe space of iThrive you (re)discover your own creativity and resourcefulness. According to science, that safe container is the most effective element to any successful therapy and coaching form. And we throw everything we have got into making this work for you. We partner with the Persuasive Health Technology Lab from the University Twente to maximise you getting hooked on to positive behaviour change.

Positive psychology and behavior change

You are creative and resourceful. You don’t need any fixing. That’s positive psychology in a nutshell. All you need is a bit of help to go from a negative/ neutral state to a positive state of mind and being. That’s the help we offer. We want you to thrive. Thriving people are healthy, strong and successful. They are stress resilient and in balance.

We all have something that we want to change in our life. Setting better boundaries. Being more in balance. Finding our purpose and inner voice. Kicking a counterproductive habit such as procrastination or perfectionism.

To do behaviour change on our own is difficult. According to science, we succeed only 9% of the time. New behaviour and habit forming asks for a lot of energy, attention and focus that we usually need to get through our daily life. This is why we need support. Lots of it. We get most energy from positivity and feeling good about us. Positive psychology does all that.














meet the team

Nadja Muller - Den Blijker

Janine Terlouw

Mark Allon
vr developer

Klaas Punselie

Kfir Oved
research psychologist

product owner

Bart Roorda

Lisa Lipkin
story teller


Job Opportunities

BackEnd Developer (medior / senior)

Are you a stubborn person who likes to crack tough nuts? Do you love building solid backends? Can you play nice with machines and humans?

  • ++  elastigirl mental flexibility
  • – –   outburst rate
  • ++  zen level

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands
Start: asap
Profile: iThrive hiring Backend developer

FrontEnd Developer (jr / intern)

Are you aesthete who knows what’s trending in the industry? Do you love playing with technology? Are you an ardent learner who is always looking to improve?

  • ++ Elastigirl mental flexibility
  • – – outburst rate
  • ++ curiosity

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands
Start: asap
Profile: iThrive hiring intership front end developer


Are you interested in joining us in another role? E.g. internships on Pschology, Artificial Intelligence, UX, etc. Get in touch and let’s explore the possibilities.

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