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We know who you are. You are dedicated to people and their mental well-being. You long for your clients to find happiness and fulfillment. You want them to express their authentic self. You see the beauty in them. You want them to show the entire world the beautiful human being that is in them.

You want them to move forward and achieve greatness. In short, you want them to unlock their full potential.

With virtual and augmented reality you and your clients will break the limitations of believes, assumptions and expectations like you have never seen before. Your clients experience the joy of healing. Your clients learn what their dream can be like in real life. They will experience in a real life simulator what it is like to reach their goals. They move through empowering perspectives to make a resonant choice. Your clients get the ultimate sandbox to play and experiment with new ways of behaviors and interactions. They get to immerse themselves into the hero’s journey.

What will be like to be able to hand your clients the red pill (remember the movie “The Matrix”)?


VR publisher dedicated to coaching, mental health & self-improvement


How about attracting more clients with a reputation of a breakthrough coach or therapist? What if your clients refer you as the 100% success rate therapist or coach? What if your clients are so amazed by your methods that they will talk about it everywhere?

This is what VR coaching and therapy can offer. What SonoVR can offer you and your clients is much more.


4 benefits for coaches / therapists to join up

Virtual reality coaching and psychotherapy interventions

We provide you concise coaching and therapy interventions embedded in virtual and augmented reality. The interventions have been established in thousands of coaching and therapy sessions. The interventions are distilled from different coaching and therapy schools and practices such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Co-Active, Eye-movement-desensitization-reprocessing (EMDR), PSYCH-K, Gestalt therapy, Client Centered therapy, Jung’s psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), etc.

These interventions are tailored for helping your clients gain more insight in to their behavior and thoughts. We work with our own team and independent developers to provide you potent applications that pass our quality criteria.

A platform for knowledge sharing

We give you platform to connect with other coaches and therapists. In mastermind groups you can share and learn from each other’s experiences. It’s a massive knowledge exchange in which you build on each other’s methods and solutions. SonoVR’s mastermind groups enable a continuous professional development and life long learning in coaching and therapy with VR & AR.

Get matched up with clients

You get a featured section as VR therapist or coach in our professional and client match directory. Potential clients that search for skilled therapists and coaches working with virtual and augmented reality will find and contact you. This is all part of the package.

Intervention recommendation for individual clients based on social dynamic profiling

We provide a personalized portal for you and your clients. Applications that you provide your clients for continued and deepened learning at home will carry your brand. Any confidential information entered will be encrypted and securely stored. From the social dynamic profile we can recommend you applications suitable for specific clients. We even offer tailor made solutions to your working method and your clients.

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