Pluryn selects (SONO)VR for their field test

Pluryn selects (SONO)VR for their field test! This includes testing our product with employees and pitching our product to the board. Pluryn is a validation partner of Rockstart, the digital health business accelerator program. (SONO)VR is in the Rockstart accelerator program 2017. Pluryn is a national health institution that provides care and treatment to people […]

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Thrive – your personal coach on the smartphone

What does it take to go from surviving to thriving? We need to feel safe inside us and the world. When we feel safe, we can create, we can invent, we can try new things, we can take incredible risks.  We become positive. Positive thoughts change the brain’s state chemically, electrically and magnetically. Why is […]

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Rockstart – here we come!

SONOVR made into the #Rockstart accelerator program #digitalhealth! Out of 1000 Start-Ups 10 got selected. SONOVR is one of them! Nadja Muller-den Blijker #femalefounder and Klaas Punselie #cofounder are in the business of positive behavior change. Going from surviving to thriving. The team is 7 people strong, together with Pascal Serrarens, Mark Allon, Joost Bosschert, […]

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TEDx Start-Up Women

Everybody has a dream. What is yours? Being a successful entrepreneur? Traveling the world? Having a family? Being a famous author? What behavior is standing in your way to make this a reality? Now suppose you want to change that. We all know that changing behaviour is difficult. SONOVR is a platform with holistic applications […]

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The excitement of Virtual Reality

Goldman Sachs predicts that Virtual Reality will be bigger than TV in 10 years in an analyst note from 13 January 2016. They say the combined revenue from hardware and software will be around $80 billion. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg bought Oculus, who are the developers of the high powered headsets, and said: “One day, we […]

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Virtual reality in professional coaching

The most common reason that people choose to work with a professional coach is to achieve fulfilling goals. That’s the tip of the iceberg. Why is coaching so effective? What is lying beneath the water line is that professional coaches create a safe space in which we can fully express ourselves to achieve self-actualization. In […]

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VR psychology of markets

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of FaceBook and owner of Oculus, has recently said in an interview that he thinks VR will become mainstream perhaps 10 to 15 years from now. Others have written that the high price tags for Oculus Rift and HTC Five (immersive virtual reality head sets for $600 and $800 respectively) have sunken […]

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Immersive experience of being a refugee with a Google Cardboard

War has driven 30 million children out of their home. This is the story of 3 of them. The New York Times has brought out a virtual reality app for mobile phones with a 360 degree documentary that let’s you experience what is like to be a refugee. The documentary is short and shows you […]

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90% success rate in coaching – is it possible?

The man opens his eyes, moved to tears. He is speechless. I give him the time and space. After a few moments of silence, I ask him: “What did you see?” The man says a few names of people he knows and then is overcome with emotions again. He is in a precious space of […]

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