SONOVR transforms behavior. We enable you to go from coping to thriving. We revolutionize positive psychology with digital applications and virtual reality.

SONOVR is a platform with holistic applications for coaching, mental health & self-improvement, including virtual reality.

One powerful tool on the platform is virtual reality. Virtual reality is probably the easiest way to provide best practices that promote a thriving behavior. VR is immersive. It is interactive and feels real.

The other main tool is the personal coach on your smart phone. Any moment of the day you can check-in on your phone and use the tools to shift into a positive state and practice a new behaviour.

Working with our applications helps you achieve lasting behavior change faster and on a deeper level.

SONOVR wants to partner with organizations that want their people to perform and be productive. Our focus is on the individual. We solve two major challenges: Our applications are cheaper because the individual spends less time in treatment with a mental health professional. Our tools have a deeper impact, because the individual  is enticed to practice and engage daily with new and constructive habits.

The SONOVR platform offers the benefits of the digitized coach and virtual reality quickly, through your own smartphone and 3D goggles, with no need for costly or complex equipment investments. SONOVR is easy to use and does not require professional installation or technical expertise.

Platform with holistic applications for coaching & self-improvement, including virtual reality

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Find out what SonoVR has got to offer. Join the revolution of coaching and therapy.


What if you can serve more clients? What if you achieve breakthroughs in incredible manner and speed? What if your success rate is 100%? Find out what more is possible.


Become self-reliant and independent by working with best coaching & self-help practices in your own time and living room. Get ready to live your dream. We help you with the How.

virtual reality uses and personal digital coach

Change your behavior and thrive

Shift into a positive state with “fulfillment methods” from proven coaching & therapy forms

Work with your inner critique

Practice self-compassion

Monitor your energy level

Process difficult emotions with trauma interventions

Implement constructive habits

Personal coach – trusted and easy to use



Take guided fulfilment journeys

Immerse yourself in virtual reality

Use interventions to process stress events

Check/process your mental and emotional state several times a day

Monitor your state

Frame your day and moments with fulfilment

Accept challenges and become accountable for your own thriving

Share and celebrate with peers

Virtual realities expand the world view and perspectives of people

Immerse a person into a different reality. Let them experience someone else’s world. Let them experience a situation from a different perspective.

Virtual reality makes visualizations of goals and the future more tangible and real.

In VR & AR the experienced reality is intensified and our learning is immediate and palpable. People can manifest their goals quicker and far-reaching because they have lived them already once in VR/AR.

People’s subconscious program can be re-written.

New experiences in the virtual world will help people to see things different in the real world. As a consequence, people become open to positive change and experiences.

Virtual reality is social.

People can join others globally in a VR activity that supports the coaching / therapy goal. They join i.e. executive club, self-help groups, etc. in the virtual community and interact with each other from their living room.


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